Jodha Akbar:An Eternal Love Story

Jodhaa Akbar “The Eternal Love Story”, Ashutosh Gorwarikar fifth movie after setting a record of giving 2 back to back hits “Swades” and “Lagaan”, the expectations tied to his upcoming venture were definitely high. The question always remained could Ashutosh Gorwarikar pull a Hatrick with his Latest but most delayed venture “Jodhaa Akbar”. The answer is Yes, Ashutosh pulls a Hatrick with a masterpiece like “Jodhaa Akbar”

Jodhaa Akbar is not only special and important for Ashutosh Gorwarikar but its also special to the entire cast and crew.
1) Its Aishwarya Rai Bachchan first film after her marriage
2) Hrithik Roshan steps on to silver screen after giving a hit with “Krissh” and “Dhoom2”
3) Hot pair of “Dhoom 2” Hrithik Roshan and Aishwariya Rai (Bachchan) come together once again after creating alot of Dhoom with “Dhoom 2”.
4) Not only the hit pair of “Dhoom 2” stars in Jodhaa Akbar but the duo Ashutosh and A.R.Rahman come together once again with some extraordinary music for another period film.
5) Mr Amitabh Bachchan lending a hand in the promotion of Jodhaa Akbar.

Need any more reasons….

To start of with “Jodhaa Akbar” has been in news for all the wrong “reasons”
a) There was a controversy on the issue whether or not Jodhaa Bai was an actual being and it was politically incorrect to conjure up the “Love” story between Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar and Jodhaa Bai.
b) The Whole “Tu Tu Main Main” between the Bachchan family and Roshan family over the so called controverisal kiss in “Dhoom 2”
c) Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan daggers drawn at each other while shooting
d) The release date of the movie pushed forward from October 12, 2007 – Feburary 15, 2008.
e) Aishwarya Rai’s nakhra’s to Ashutosh’s ghussa
f) Issues with the length of the movie being cut from 4 hrs to 3.20 – Most people raised issues whether Ashutosh was conveying a love story or a lullaby…

However after all the Hush Hush, secretive shooting and spending almost Rs 40 Crores on a period film, one could say that Ashutosh Gorwarikar has made a Hatrick with his latest period film ” Jodhaa Akbar.” Most capturing aspect of Jodhaa Akbar is touches the soul of millions out there who could relate back to historical love story with its up’s and down.

Now For the story:

Jodhaa Akbar is the untold love story between Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar and Jodhaa Bai. Set in the sixteenth century Jodhaa Akbar, entails a love story about a marriage of alliance that gave birth to true love between a great Mughal Emperor, Akbar [Hrithik Roshan] and a Rajput princess, Jodhaa[Aishwarya Rai Bachchan]. Politically, success knew no bounds for Emperor Akbar, after having secured the Hindu Kush, he furthered his realm by conquest until his empire extended from Afghanistan to the Bay of Bengal, and from the Himalayas to the Godhavari River.

Through a shrewd blend of tolerance, generosity and force, Akbar won the allegiance of the Rajputs, the most belligerent Hindus. But little did Akbar know that when he married Jodhaa, a fiery Rajput princess, in order to further strengthen his relations with the Rajputs, he would in turn be embarking upon a new journey – the journey of true love. The daughter of King Bharmal of Amer [Kulbhushan Kharbanda], Jodhaa resented being reduced to a mere political pawn in this marriage of alliance, and Akbar’s biggest challenge now did not merely lie in winning battles, but in winning the love of Jodhaa – a love hidden deep below resentment and extreme prejudice. Jodhaa Akbar is their untold love story.

They say “The more the viewer is inquisitive about you film the better it is”. That certainly holds true for “Jodhaa Akbar”, most of the newer generation including the old one were quite familiar with the tale of Akbar being bestowed with his son Salim, the Eternal Love story of Anarkli and Salim, Jodhaa bai being the pillar of support for Akbar and her son Salim. But how was it that an arranged marriage between an Empreor Akbar and feisty princess Jodhaa end up with a successful marriage when youngsters today reject the idea of “arranged marriages”. Everyone saw Emperor Akbar as a fighter, a stern father but nobody ever saw his side of a husband and a friend, similarly we saw Jodhaa Bai as mother torn between her husband and son but how was her relationship alone with Akbar 10 years before Salim was born.

As a moviegoers one is remain glued to their seats right from the first frame to the last frame, the anxiousness, the anxiety creeps up and you hope and pray that the Movie’s worth the watch. With a terrific star cast and crew, Director Ashutosh Gorwarikar tugs at the hurt of the moviegoers. To attempt a movie like “Jodhaa Akbar”, it takes alot to of courage, knowledge and perseverance to come up with an imaginary yet close to heart love story.

Some of the magical moments trapped in the director and cinematographers camera
a) Hrithik taming an out of control elephant. No actor would even attempt going near an wild animal and to capture the right the emotions during the scene while not thinking about jeopardizing your life… leaves one stunned.
b)The two pre-conditions set by Jodhaa, before her marriage to Akbar. Who would think women at the time of 16th century would have the guts to put conditions on her own marriage instead of being submissive we see a new side to the 16th century women.
c) Jodhaa’s fiery and feisty nature of cooking her own meal and being independent. Yet again touching the aspect of dependency on your “servants “and turning to be an independent woman clears the misconception about the women around 16th century.
d) Intermission where thread of trust weakens between Akbar and Jodhaa. Well enacted scene by Hrithik and Aishwarya, makes you want to stay glued to seat anticipating what will happen next.
e) The sword fight between Jodhaa Bai and Akbar
f) Finally the Climax of the “Jodhaa Akbar” leaves you spell bounded and speechless.

Ashutosh Gowariker has given the film a grand look, captured intricate details minutely and handled the theme beautifully. He captures your attention right from the first frame to last frame. One is entranced and awestruck with beautiful visuals. Full points to Haidar Ali and Ashutosh for writing a close to heart “Love Story” between Emperor Akbar and Jodhaa Bai. Gowariker leads the way as a director first, and as much as the man behind the story and screenplay.

“Jodhaa Akbar” is embellished with great cinematography ([Kiran Deohans] she uses uses color and camera to bring out the mood in each scene, with some of the most authentic sets recreated by [Nitin Desai], to the brilliant dialogues by [K.P. Saxena], summing up fantastic editing [Ballu Saluja] and soulful music by [A.R. Rahman]. Special mention to [Neeta Lulla] for creating 16th century era costumes and jewelry with attention being paid to the finest detail for every piece.

A R Rahman´s background score combines with Kiran Deohans for a strong audio-visual impact. The songs impress by themselves, and instrumental notes from the songs work brilliantly in the background track – that keeps you listening and appreciating it from the titles to the credits at the end. The songs blend into the movie with Javed Akhtar´s mesmerizing lyrics. To compose music for such a film needs lot of dedication, imagination, research and understanding of directors vision and Rahman pulls it off with great élan. One can’t imagine anyone else coming up with such a score which not only compliments the movie so well, also raises the bar for Ashutosh to make the visuals even more enticing in which Ashutosh and Kiran excel.

Coming to performances Jodhaa Akbar doesnt work only because of the mastermind behind the camera but also by some of the outstanding performances by the lead and supporting actors. After watching “Jodhaa Akbar” its difficult to imagine anyone elese playing the role of Emperor Akbar. Hrithik enacts his role to “T”, the confidence and grace that Emperor would need, he embodies the role like a pro. Truly a mind-boggling performance. Aishwarya Rai gives her best performance to date. She uses her emotive eyes to the best of her ability. She essays the role of Jodhaa Bai with alot of grace and elegance and ends it a flawless performance. However the film doesnt rest on Hrithik and Aishwarya’s shoulders but the supporting cast also add the trump card for the movie, rite from Kulbushan Kharbanda, Sonu Sood , Nikitin Dheer , Ila Arun, Punam S. Sinha add to finesse of the movie.

On the whole, Jodhaa Akbar is one of the finest work directed by Ashutosh, A brilliant film indeed. A must watch for Everyone!! and truly a treat Ashutosh’s, Hrithik’s and Aishwarya’s fans.

… My Personal Review


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